What is a Sherpa anyway?

The Sherpa people are an ethnic people in Nepal who migrated to the Himalayan Mountains from Tibet in search of Shangri-La, the fabled mythical utopian valley paradise. They are a small but hardy people living in one of the harshest climates on this planet. Not only have they have managed to survive, they do it with a humility and joy not found anywhere else. Without them, our fearless mountaineers would have a much more difficult time cresting the Himalayan peaks.

While we might celebrate the pioneer who trudges through knee high snow to stand at the top of the world, the Sherpa people live it daily. Apparently, some of that hardiness is the result of a genetic adaptation to living in high altitudes including unique hemoglobin-binding enzymes, doubled nitric oxide production, hearts that can utilize glucose, and lungs with an increased efficiency in low oxygen conditions.[4]

While the world of tea might not be as frighteningly immense as the Himalayan Mountain range, it certainly can seem a big and daunting place to the uninitiated.  And we don't have any genetic adaptions to help us navigate the labyrinth of tea gardens, still, like the hardy Sherpas, we'll take some of the load off your back. We're mapping the paths everyday. Before you know it you'll know your way around the traditional teas and you'll be peeking into some of the more exotic teas from all over the world too.

What's the difference between a Pouchong and an Oolong? Where does a Keemun come from? What does SFTGFOP mean anyway? These are the things you're going to know in short order. You'll be part of the tea revolution that is just beginning all over the world. It's an exciting time for tea enthusiasts. There are literally thousands of new teas to explore. And then there are the tantalizing blends with every aroma and flavor under the sun; chocolate, cinnamon, citrus, caramel, who knows maybe someone will make a chicken flavored tea. I'm not sure if that would taste good, but what the heck. There's a lot of artisan experimentation going on and you'll be the benefactor.


What you are going to be able to do here at Tea Sherpa?

  • Tea Aficionado Courses – coming in February you'll be able to start the Tea Sherpa Tea Aficionado College. Okay, maybe you won't get accredited college credits, but you'll learn about all types of teas. With five week interactive courses that won't take you a full semester to finish, but will come with free tea sample offers, and special discounts up to 70% off for those who sign up.

  • The Tea Sherpa Blog – where we do the hard work of researching traditional and exotic teas for you.

  • The Tea Sherpa Forums – a place for you to talk about any subject concerning tea. Tell others what your favorite teas are, trade teas, rate teas, whatever you want.

  • Tea Videos – another tool you can use to learn about teas. Learn how to make a Marsala Chai. Learn simple techniques to brew teas properly.

  • Giveaways – We'll be giving away tea “stuff” on a monthly basis. Come back often to see what you might win.

  • Stay tuned for more because we just can't sleep at night until we think of a new way to help you explore the wild world of tea.



TeaSherpa Mission

It's a big tea world, and you can get lost easily in the labyrinth of tea bushes, mountainside tea gardens,and remote jungles.  Sometimes you just need a sherpa to guide you through to your ultimate destination. The sherpa knows the path up the mountain.  We aim to be that guide for you.  We will seek out the best teas and bring you to them.